Quality & Automotive Policy

To satisfy customer requirements

To achieve a high quality of work and products, and continuously upgrade the standard

To achieve metal part automotive of manufacturing excellence through technical core competencies and technology

The Policy of Environment

     Nihon Seiki Thai Limited (NST) produces the precision metal turning parts for printers, copy machines, audio, visual equipment, and automobiles. The establishment is at Rojana Industrial Park Pranakorn Sri Ayutthaya and Khon Kaen plant. Our company has the responsibility in the environment including the social, and realize that it is important to do accompany the social for coexist in forever. NST has the policy of environment as it continuously improve as follows,

  1. Conform to the regulation of the environment and others.
  2. Arrange hazardous substances in production as a relative requirement of customer requirement and EU Standard such as; REACH, ELV, SoC, RoHS, Green Procurement and CMS.
  3. Arrange work instruction(WI) not affect the pollution and the worthwhile resources.
  4. Object and goal can improve continuously, such as energy-saving, paper recycle, not contaminate flow to the gutter.
  5. Improve the relative environment, make sure all employees well known in the policy of the environment.
  6. Arrange our environment policy announcing in the public.

Bribery / Corruption Policy

     Nihon Seiki Thai Ltd. has issued the anti-corruption policy against Fraud in all aspects for both inside and outside the company.

     We have distributed official letters to notify the company’s subcontractors and vendors to acknowledge our anti-corruption policy and also asked for their response by returned letter. Besides, we also educate our employees about the intentions of companies of anti-corruption policy.